A Little Bit About Us

 With hospitality as the driving concept, the owners Thomas Dowling and Brian Mahoney opened their first business establishment in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC in 2008 with the opening of the Daniel Island Grille, (DIG) on beautiful Daniel Island. 

They adopted the tagline  *Family * Friends * Fun*  to represent the atmosphere and philosophy they have grown to master.

In 2009 and extending the DIG concept, they recognized tremendous opportunity providing both corporate and personal services for events of all kinds.  DIG Catering was started and catered both on and off premis throughout the Charleston region. 

In 2010 they expanded their catering arsenal by adding a flashy and first class food truck which has become well known in Charleston today as The DIG RIG.  The DIG RIG is currently running all over Charleston serving daily lunches at coorporate locations as well as catering events for all occasions.  Yet another addition to their catering services is a fully functional Beer truck used as a mobile bar serving mainly ice cold draft beer.  The DIG Beer truck  has become an important asset for catering happy hours as well company picnics where by their clients can enjoy spirits of all kinds.

In 2011 and after careful planning and execution, DIG In the Park was opened in the up coming area of Park Circle, North Charleston.  "Family * Friends * Fun" headlining their plan to serve local, intamite neighborhood locations.  DIG Park Circle had an extremely successful first year.

DIG Hospitality was formed in 2012, whereby the partners are preparing to offer their brand in a franchise capacity.  The goal is to first open and create a successful platform for our franchise partners and then allow them to come in and maintain and operate.


About the Owners

 Twenty or so years ago Thomas Dowling was attending CW Post but  earning his keep as a waiter and Brian Mahoney, a now graduate of USC whom was dishwashing at the time, formed a bond and a friendship that has allowed for them to help each other fulfill their dreams and find success owning and operating successful restaurants.

 “Hospitality" is the cornerstone of their model and the tagline, "Family * Friends * Fun" is the bases for their success